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India is a land of immense opportunities. It is full of resources, skilled and highly skilled workforce, and above all a big market for everything.

Glasspower Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. was founded to utilise true potential of India, and to design, develop and source high quality still commercially attractive products and services for both leading Indian and overseas glass makers. With access to global glass technology, through its strategic technological partnerships, Glasspower is uniquely placed to serve the needs of both the Indian and global glass manufacturing industry. It’s highly professional and customer-centric team gives Glasspower the edge against its competitors.


Glasspower Engineering was founded Five years ago by a team of highly competent team of professionals having rich and diverse experience in Indian and overseas glass Industry. Company was founded by Ms Rajeshwari Joshi and Mr. Ashutosh Joshi (who joined the organisation later) became the driving force, guiding the organisation to design & deliver solutions to its clients. Ashutosh is a well known name in the international glass fraternity, with a rich experience of more than two decades. He has successfully demonstrated capabilities in engineering, project, plant operations and strategy across APAC, MENA and Europe.


Mr Naresh Gupta, a highly successful Marketing and Sales icon in Indian Glass fraternity, became the driving force for finished glass marketing and sales. His association with the company created new dimensions , like offering of glass bottles to user companies and also helping user companies in food, liquor, beer, beverages and lifestyle industries for sourcing quality glasswares.


Glasspower continuously works on new, cost-effective and innovative technologies to solve critical technological and technical problems of its customers. Its focus is to evolve as a complete system integrator and solution provider for glass manufacturers in India and across the world. Glasspower Engineering intends to evolve into a reliable and highly cost effective sourcing agency from India for buyers in western countries.


To fuel its aggressive plans, Glasspower has engaged a highly competent workforce. Glasspower is planning to set-up state-of-the-art design center and equipment manufacturing facility which will be initiated in 2020. Glasspower’s highly motivated team of skilled professionals and its network of vendors and service providers are eager to serve its customers 24 X 7.


Ms. Rajeshwari

Ms. Rajeshwari is the Founder – Director at Glasspower Engineering. With a background of economics and 10 years of experience in people management, Rajeshwari manages the human resource, administration and legal aspects at Glasspower.

Mr Ashutosh Joshi

Mr. Ashutosh Joshi is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Glasspower Engineering. Ashutosh has a rich experience of over two decades in the glass manufacturing industry, project management and services in India and Overseas. He is responsible for the overall management of the company, Project Management and finance. His core strengths includes extensive training and operation background of Glass manufacturing process and hands on experience of conceptualisation, designing and execution of glass plant projects. He has worked with prominent groups in Glass world, at senior management positions, in India and Overseas.

Mr Naresh Gupta

Mr Naresh Gupta is CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Glasspower Engineering I Pvt Ltd. Naresh has rich experience of 35+ years in Marketing and Sales of Regular and Premium glass bottles and jars with leading container glass manufacturer in India. His additional experience related to procurement of Glass bottles for some of the top Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic beverage companies adds Laurel to Glasspower’s strength.