Glasspower | PRODUCTS
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    • Structural Steel fabrication for Glass Plant buildings, conveyor bridges, platforms & Equipment supports, diverters, chutes etc.


    • Belt conveyors,Bucket elevators, Pneumatic transportation system of glass making raw material for vertical transportation of bulk material.


    • Hot cullet scrapper systems for container and float glass plants, cullet washing and sorting plants & cullet return systems.


    • Spares for Annealing Lehrs, cold end system and packaging area.


    • High Quality Nylon and steel buckets for Bucket elevators, customised Rubber belts for conveyors and elevators.


    • Other glass plant related customised spares developed in India with high quality standards and reasonably priced.


    • Electrical and Automation items like PLC & MCC Panels, SCADA, JBs, Small local control panels etc.