Glasspower | SERVICES
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    • Conceptualisation, Feasibility study, Design and Engineering for glass plants.


    • Sourcing of regular quality and premium range glassware for food, liquor, beer, beverage and lifestyle products manufacturers. Well equipped and experienced for hand holding by facilitating with Quality System audits and suggestions for improvements.


    • Technical and marketing support to glassware manufacturers for sales and after sales services.


    • Facilitate Batch plant and cullet handling system designing, Furnace designing, refractory selection and related suggestions.


    • Trouble shooting in Glass production, Batch plant and furnace operations and glass quality related problems.


    • Complete project management, Disaster Management (Emergency repairs), Furnace hot repairs.


    • Installation & Commissioning services (Glass technology, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation areas)


    • Study for possibility of Automation in any targeted area, automation and controls services for Glass plants.


    • Setting up of Chemical and physical quality control laboratories, training of quality control/ assurance personal, training of glass making personal working in furnace and batch plant areas.


    • Consultancy (Glass composition and Batch composition formulations), Technical Audits, Improvement related surveys & audits.